How to use Accupass to register events and purchase tickets?(如何使用Accupass報名購票?)

How to use Accupass to register events and purchase tickets?

Step 1:Please sign up or log in Acupass directly.

Step 2:Please go to the event page interest you for registration and then choose preferred ticket types and quantities.

Step 3:Fill in your information in the application form.

Step 4:Choose preferred payment methods to complete payments. If you want to know more about payment methods, you can refer to the article '' Various payment methods、payment terms and precautions ''

Step 5:Attenders can get e-tickets after you finish paying the event tickets in two days. In addition, attendees can get e-tickets after you fill in the information in the application form for free tickets.

If I order multiple tickets, will everyone receive an email?

No, Accupass will send only one email with e-tickets to the user who logs in Accupass for purchasing.

For example:

Miss. Liu purchases tickets. She orders two tickets in one order, and Accupass will send an email with two e-tickets to Miss Liu.

Mr. Huang purchases tickets. He orders a tickets respectively in two orders, and Accupass will send two emails with respective e-ticket to Mr. Huang.

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